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Related post: Message-ID: Newsgroups: From: female model (...Mercury....) X-Anonymously-To: Organization: Anonymous forwarding service Reply-To: Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 19:02:54 UTC Subject: Eating Raoul (M/M, Steve Rider) Lines: 273z z Another story donated to the denizens of A. S. S. z z by ... M e r c u r y ... z z Found between Venus and the Son...! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z z TO HIS ABSENT cristina model LOVER z z In there is something you love in the city you inhabit, something z you do not wish to lose, z And if you love di models it truly, stop worrying about the court. z End all delays. Your fault increases by the hour. z And this fault, being irreparable, is grave. z Put aside everything which keeps you in free model portfolios Calonne- z You are losing more in this city than you are gaining in that one. z What can there be of as much value as a boy faithful wicked models to his lover ? z z But any more delay, and he who is team model nude now loyal may become unfaithful, z Since he is being tempted even now with much flattery- z And when someone is tempted, there is reason to fear he may fall. z Hurry back if you want to keep what you love. z Abandon the castle if you want to hold on to the city. z z z Dante Alighieri z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z z Notes : z z 1. I did not write this story and do not know who did. z 2. If topless model pics you're a biW/A m/f 18-24 looking for friends, write. z 3. Don't write asking me to email you stories. Fuck off. z Raoul (Gary) by Steve Rider This file may be posted on Electronic Bulletin Boards for download, but may not be modified, printed for distribution, or used for any commercial purpose without the author's written permission. Copyright (c) 1992 Stephen A. Rider, all rights reserved. We all have many points in our life that we look back on as milestones. Raoul was a big one in my life. He called himself Gary instead of Raoul. He was embarassed about his ancestry, half Mexican half American. I always thought it was a shame. I model clitoris medical used to tease him by calling him Raoul instead of Gary, not to be mean really, to show him how silly he was. Sometimes I would drag his name out and make it sound like a wolf howling - Raoooooooooul. He hated it but he would laugh. If anyone else did it he got upset, but he always let me tease him. He had the biggest smile, his cheeks would puff out, like a happy face drawing. model teen toplist litte erotic modell He had a very round face. There were a bunch of us that hung around together. I was 20 years old, Raoul and Ricky were 18. I had this crush on Ricky that just would not go away. When we were younger we used to camp out together sometimes on Kings Ranch, way up on 16yo teen models a hill, up above the creek, where nude model video the steer grazed during the day. You had to watch your step! One time it was Ricky, Gary(Raoul), Ricky's cousin Anthony and myself. About model teen custom midnight we all were getting in our sleeping bags. I suggested that preeten model pics we should have a jerk off contest, to see who could cum first. Ricky thought it was gross, he went to sleep in the back of my mothers car. It was a 1963 Dodge Dart hardtop with pushbutton pretenn model toplist automatic and a slant six. I sandra schwetzingen model had a booster amp black nude supermodel and an FM converter on the radio, with a pair pretten sexy model of 6x9 speakers on the rear deck. Anthony would not amt models jerk off with us, he thought it was a sin, wanted nothing to do with it, but he child models cp was mesmerized, soaking 14yo black model it all in. Anthony was an altar boy. I certainly was not. So it was just Gary and I, and for me it was very erotic, so I was ooohing and aaaahing as I stroked myself. Gary kept laughing at me. I came really fast, a huge load like teenagers do. Gary refused to believe I could have cum so fast so little candid models I opened my sleeping bag wide and shined the flashlight on the big puddle of cum on my chest, then I aimed it at my cock, it was still hard, and Gary and Anthony stared at my crotch. Then I offered to help Gary finish, I think he might yung model sex have let me, but Anthony got really grossed out. sheer teen models So I just opened up Gary's sleeping bag and Anthony and I watched him cum. One night, about two years later, we were in my bedroom, listening to The Byrds and smoking dope. Gary(Raoul), Ricky and I. We had just discovered pot. We were all very high. I kept attack hobby models coming on to Ricky. I wanted to blow him and I told him so in very clear terms. ranger model 1000 Ricky was straight, very straight, and the last thing on Earth that he wanted was a blowjob from me. But he was so cute, extremely thin, the tiniest ass, perfectly round, his jeans were exciting young models so tight on that ass. I used to grab it all the time. His legs were so thin, so extremely thin, they were amazing to see. We ls model had been friends for 15 years, so he put up with it, and we sort of pretended that it was boyish play. But this night I was not playing, I wanted to suck Ricky's cock and I said so in unmistakable terms. nn preten models I put my chasity teen model hand on his tiny thigh, so hard and firm, so very masculine. Ricky and I were sitting on my bed. Raoul was stretched out on my brother's bed, on his side. I moved closer to toplist ls model Ricky. We were so very high. I told Ricky that Raoul could be his witness that it was all my idea. Ricky was disgusted. He left. We had what were called trundle beds, my brother sexy teddy models and I, my bed rolled under his so you could walk around more easily. My family was far from rich. My father had been dead for 6 years. Raoul was spread out on my brothers bed above me. naked boy model Clean shaved models ace modeling nude Just the gabe teen model two of us now. I was hot, so model pic hot, I guess Raoul was too. After Ricky left Raoul started rubbing his crotch through his jeans. He was staring at me. I could see he had a hardon. He kept rubbing himself, staring, rubbing, staring. I felt like his hand on his crotch was hypnotizing me. Raoul was very horny. I shemale supermodel was more horny than I had ever been before in my life. I had never sucked a guy, I wanted to more 13 years model than anything else rusian model in the world. Raoul lingerie models toplist kept rubbing himself through his jeans, staring girls aloud models at me, his eyes were drilling into my head. I felt vip models pussy like he was in control of me. I gathered enough of my strength to speak. "Gary, you can jerk off if you want to. I know I made you horny by talking to Ricky hot blonde models that way. I don't mind." "I don't want to jerk off..." He unzipped his fly young super modeles and pulled out just his cock, through the fly of his underwear, it was very hard. It was beautiful "... I want you to blow me." His cock was thick. It wasn't decay models inr terribly long, but it was extremely erect. I did not say a word. I knelt on my bed, moved slowly toward him, and for the first time, for the very first time in my life, I took a guys cock in my mouth. My body was tingling all over. Every cell in my body, dancing with joy, finally, at competitive pricing models last, after so many dreams, so many jerk off sessions, so many cute guys, model sandra pics I had a cock in my mouth. I never thought Gary (Raoul) was attractive. He wasn't "my type". I liked guys that were very thin. Like Ricky. But I had my mouth around Gary's cock and it was wonderful. I knew I was supposed to go up and down, but with him laying on his side I had to go back and forth. My motion made my bed move. The wheels squeaked. My sister and my mother were downstairs. ll teen models It was a small house. Squeak, squeak, squeak as I bobbed back and forth. I caught a glimpse of his face now and then, he was watching me on his cock, smiling. His cock got so wet! My saliva teen model member all over it. It felt so good in my mouth, like it belonged there. I thought I was outside my body, watching myself sucking him. I loved it when my nose pressed against his underwear. Soft cotton with yellow stains. The smell was so nice, the cotton so soft, his cock was so hard. I went faster, the kidz model sites noise got louder, very regular, my stereo had stopped. Faster, louder, squeak, squeak, squeak. I latin angel model could not believe I was actually doing this. I was really giving a guy head. Gary spoke "Won't your mother hear that young naked modell noise?" "Mmmmm" "Steve!" "Mmmmm" "Man, I wish I could cum!" I stopped abruptly and pulled right off his cock, instantly. "What's wrong?" "I don't want to do that anymore" "Why, it feels good man, it really feels good!" "Not if you can't cum. Come on, I'll give you a ride home." It was probably the most feeble attempt at a blowjob in history. I had no affection for Gary, no desire, I just wanted a cock. He was so nervous about the noise, afraid my mother would come upstairs, he could not relax. I didn't say a word in my grey 1966 Ford lsmodels portal Falcon. I just drove him home, 2 miles. I was the only one in our circle of friends with a car and a full time tit job models job. Ricky and Gary were seniors in High School. I always had dope. garrard model 300 At his door I just said goodbye. young llegal model I went home and jerked off for hours, until I was sore, I must have cum three times. I felt horrible and excited. I knew I wasn't queer but I knew I had liked having his cock in my mouth. cute modelscom I was very confused and hornier than ever. I finally slept and I had a dream about Ricky, he was naked, I was kneeling in front of him, molly child model he was fucking my face. Raoul (Gary) and I acted like nothing had happened. I only felt guilty around him. teeny sex models I still wanted Ricky, I wanted him so bad, it was torture to see him. I got erections every time I laid eyes on him. But I wanted nothing to do with Gary sexually, I felt really guilty, catholic guilt, a lot of it, the worst kind. About two months later Joe and Gary and I were riding around in my car. We ran into John at a hot dog stand. He told us to come to his car. He had this killer weed. It was not like anything I had ever smoked before, John said it was cut with something. We got extremely high, I got very horny. It was late, Joe had to go home, Joe and Gary and I headed to Joe's house. Everybody was horny, even Joe felt it, we made jokes about camping out in a cemetery and butt fucking each other, just jokes, the way young guys do. We dropped Joe off and it was very quiet in the car, just Raoul(Gary) and I now, tension you could cut with a knife. I told him we could still tryme latina model go to a cemetery, just the two of us, and we could take turns fucking each other. It was one of those ways of turning the conversation around, a verbal ploy, trying to get him to talk. He spoke to me. "That's not what nn model juliet I want to do. 12yr girl models I want you to finish the job." "Huh?" "I want you to blow gravion model me." I could not speak, I knew I wanted to, I could not say that. "Well ?" "Steve, aren't you going to say anything ?" "Hello, Steve ?" We were in Stottsville, on the curve, there was this skinny prteen models little dirt road up ahead, Timaqula road. We used to go skinny dipping together a mile down the road, where the railroad bridge went over the creek. I used to try to grab Gary's cock under the water when we went there. jenny nn model He was the only guy that would let me do that. He liked it. It was an hot elsa model erotic place for me. My car seemed to turn left on it's own, no thinking involved, no intention. I drove about a quarter of a mile to this burnt out house and pulled the car into the driveway, beside the house, where no one could see it at all. I still had not said airliner model kits a word. I turned the engine off. I shut the lights off. Darkness. Silence. We could find pretten models hear the crickets chirping. The moon was nearly full and the moonlight was streaming in through my windshield. Gary pulled his pants down below his knees, underwear and all, suddenly, swiftly, and I saw his whole crotch in the moonlight, his stiff cock pointing up, the head dark in the moonlight. His gorgeous balls, his hannah model teen smooth tan legs, much darker than me. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. A guy pulling his pants down topanga teen model in the front seat of nude modeling pix my car, for me to do him. He had a very nice cock. Not a word was spoken, the silence was very loud. I looked for just a second, then I bent over, the car had a bench seat, cloth inssest nude models upholstery, grey with beautiful supermodels black threads, he was ready for me, waiting for my lips on his cock. This time I was not thinking child nude supermodels about Ricky, I wanted Gary in my mouth. 1980s nude models penis model pictures My tongue touched the end of his penis, oh, it tasted so good, my lips around the head, I pushed down until my nose pressed against his pubic thick teen model hair, what a smell, back up again until just the head of his wonderful cock was in my mouth, now down, slowly, savoring it. I put dallas teen model my left hand on his youngsexy models balls and he moaned. Faster, up and down, a tingling sensation, sheer joy, this can't be real, my whole body was excited. Oh it was playtoy child model wonderful, and this time Gary was into it too. He was moaning, he was moving his hips, my fingers were playing with his balls. I moved my hand down to the bit of skin between his balls and his butt hole, the perineum and I pressed. He said it felt good. He said it was very good. I was glad because I was enjoying it too. I remember beach models nude thinking 10yo russian model that some people said what I was doing was bad. young models nudity This sparkle model prewiew couldn't be bad, it was wonderful. Gary said it was great again and he asked me if it would be OK if I went a little faster. He kid fuck models wanted to cum, I wanted him to cum. I went faster, a lot tgp young models faster, I was nudist child model bouncing up and down on his g string models cock, so fast, so wet, each thrust a pleasure for both of us, he got loud. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,Oh, OHHHH!" Quickly I put my hand back on his balls, they ayleen teen model were almost pulled up inside of him, hard, tight, smaller. The gentlest squeeze. He lifted his ass teen model opener way up off the seat, pushed hard against flo teen model my face, and he shot his load right into my throat. Some of it ran down into my mouth, it was fantastic, what a taste, I nn models xxx loved it. bryant model 123r Gary told me I could stop now, so I did. "Man, that was good Steve, I hope you enjoyed it top model yung as much as I did" I bikini model portfoliio nodded my head. My throat felt funny.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* pre models tgp anonymized and you are allocated an anon top model porno id. Read the help file to prevent this. Please youngest pussy model report any problems, ranger model 34a inappropriate use etc. to
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